July 4th….on the 5th

Living in Australia, we don't celebrate the American 4th July. Its not a long weekend, and its not our independence. Probably because we're still not independent. Thats ok. But this year, Hubby and I hosted my sister, her hubby and little girl for a 4th July BBQ.

To be honest, we just wanted an excuse to eat our own body weight in BBQ, and Thank You! America for providing it.

Of course, these things never seem to go quite to plan, so we had our BBQ on the 5th July. And the night before my oven broke. Which meant corn bread and apple pie were baked in our hooded BBQ.

So what did we eat? BBQ Brisket in bread rolls with coleslaw and cheese sauce, Chilli Dogs that were so Chilli no one but me could eat them, Corn Bread, and Corn Cobs, and then Apple Pie made by my sister with a custard pastry served with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Ice Cream made by me.

And the receipe I'm sharing here, is for the Jalapeno Poppers I made. Which were delicious and so close to the ones I had in Hawaii on honeymoon.

I found the receipe here, and the only thing we all agreed on was that something needs to be done (perhaps blanching?) to take away that 'raw chilli' element. When reheated they were amazing, so I'm thinking next time, cook them, then reheat in the oven when we want them…….I reckon they'd even freeze and reheat beautifully……

Thanks America, you star-spangled legend you.