Strawberry Crumb Bars, to make a sick Cookie feel better

I flew home from Melbourne on the Friday evening, and to Sydney on Saturday lunch time. I know. I'm such a jet setter. Saturday night I worked, we do once a quarter, to test updates. Sunday, which was my free day in Sydney I woke up so ill I couldn't get out of bed. Thank god for room service.

Monday, believing I had flu I braved the walk to my office (5 minutes, with a pharmacy downstairs) and after that was packed back to the hotel by my manager, where I slept pretty much the entire day.

Tuesday was just awful. I rang in sick, I could barely get out of the bed….and my manager rang me back to say I'd been booked into the 1.30pm flight home. I knew fear. What I found out later that day (I got off a flight and was bundled into a doctors surgery by my mother in law), was that I had a throat and a sinus infection. The state of my ears had me frightened, and justifiably so. We won't talk about that flight.

I spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on my sisters couch. Our roof was being removed and replaced during this period, making me a sick, but non-contagious, couch surfer.

While I slept on Thursday (let's be honest, I did little BUT sleep) she made this Strawberry Crumb Bar with some of the 15 punnets of strawberries we bought between us…although she dropped out quite a lot of sugar. It was magic. I took a slice home for hubby and he loved it too.

So on Saturday afternoon, after a pretty good nap, I made it too. Baking, I think, is a pretty good sign you're on the mend….even if I was really too tired still to stand up for the time it took.

I made two alterations to the recipe as it reads. I halved the sugar. And I swapped 1 cup of flour for custard powder. I also gave it an extra five minutes in the oven because I know my oven. Make this when you can buy lots of strawberries cheap. It's very forgiving for bruised strawberries!




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